Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does yellow fluorescence mean?


When the term "Strong Yellow Fluorescence" is used, it is to indicate the blank is authentic. If we ever use the term "does not fluoresce", that would indicate the piece is a reproduction. The term is used on major pieces in an auction that have been known patterns to have reproductions, so people are informed that we did black light these pieces and they passed with flying colors - indicating they are authentic.



Q: I noticed in the new catalog that glass is not designated as ABCG but BPCG, Brilliant Period Cut Glass. Why has it changed?


We decided to modify the designation "American Brilliant Cut Glass" and recently started using the phrase "Brilliant Period Cut Glass" instead. There are many pieces we auction that were cut in the same period and look just like American. Occasionally it is difficult to definitively know the difference between American or European cut glass. By changing our designation to BPCG, we are still being accurate with our description. If we inadvertently place the word American on an item that looks just like an American piece (but is not), it would be an incorrect listing on our part.



Q: Do you have a price list for a past auction?


We have prices realized available for auctions held in 2014 to current year [here]. This list only shows lot numbers and selling price.



Q: Do you offer phone bidding?


Unfortunately, we are a small auction company and do not offer phone bidding. Our bidding options are detailed [here].



Q: I cannot attend your auction in person. How do I register for the auction to bid online through LiveAuctioneers?


Go to


Once you are on that page, scroll down the list of our auctions until you find the one in which you want to bid. You will now click the blue EXPLORE button.


On the right-hand side is a blue REGISTER FOR AUCTION button. Please click this button.


If you are not already logged in, you will need to log in or create an account if you do not have one. Once your account is created, we will receive a notification of your interest in bidding.


Please call or email us to have your registration approved if you have not previously bid with us through LiveAuctioneers. Registrations should be completed and phone calls/emails received by Woody AUction at least 48 hours in advance of the auction in which you are interested in bidding.



Q: My invoice through LiveAuctioneers keeps going to my SPAM folder.


Sometimes an invoice gets filtered as SPAM or JUNK. Please add [] and [] to your email address book and/or safe sender list, and it should resolve this issue going forward.



Q: Can Woody Auction give an appraisal?


Woody Auction is not a licensed appraiser. We would be happy to give you an estimated auction market value. Please send photos to:



Q: What kind of items do you sell / consign?


Woody Auction specializes in Victorian Era (pre 1920's) antiques. Special categories include: Brilliant Period Cut Glass, French Cameo, Brides Baskets, Carnival Glass, R.S. Prussia, Royal Bayreuth, Pickle Castors, Quality Art Glass, Firearms, Art (Paintings and Lithographs) and Estate Auctions.



Q: What is your consignment process?


Listed below are the steps for consignment with Woody Auction:


1. Preliminary - Send us your photos. Photos can be individual or group shots of a cabinet or table display. Mail in hard copies, Email digital photos, or add photos to a DropBox for us to view.


2. Auction Details - Speak with Jason, our auctioneer, about your collection and our available auction dates and contract, if the quality of your collection meets current market conditions.


3. Receive Collection - Mail in small collection of 10 or less items. Schedule a pick up for a large number of items.


4. Storage - Your collection is stored in a Woody Auction facility and covered under our insurance policy.


5. Auction Prep - The auction is scheduled then listed and photographed.


6. Marketing - Flyers, catalogs, and/or ads are created, the full catalog is listed on our website and at, and the auction is featured on our Facebook page and in other social media outlets.


7. Seller Information - Receive Seller packet with a listing of your items in the auction, flyer, and copy approximately 3 weeks before the auction.


8. Auction Day! - You may attend although this is not recommended as it may be a difficult experience.


9. Post Auction - Receive Final Settlement Packet approximately 32 days after the auction.






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