Have questions regarding the auctioning process? Read our list of frequently asked questions below!

I paid for my items, now what?

At Woody Auction, we're able to pack and ship most auction items.  We package invoices in the order which they were paid.  Once your items have been packaged and shipping is determined, we will send you a second invoice via LiveAuctioneers for the materials and shipping charges.  Alternatively, Woody Auction accepts credit card payments over the phone at 316-747-2694.

How much does it cost to ship my items?

Shipping is not included in the items invoice that you receive immediately following the sale of the last lot.

Our shipping is a combination of what we paid for the materials plus exactly what UPS charges us at our 24% discount, and then we round the total up to the next dollar. We do not charge a handling fee or personnel hours - there is no profit in our shipping service.  We also box more than one item together to save the bidder money.  Every box is different depending on the distance it is traveling, its weight, its size, and the value of the contents (fully insured for the amount paid).

Prior to the auction, we are happy to provide you with rough shipping estimates.  You can message us through LiveAuctioneers or email us at info@woodyauction.com to request a shipping estimate.

What are your bid increments?

For your convenience, here are Woody Auction's bidding increments:

      Bid                                  Increment
  $0 - $30                               $5
  $30 - $100                           $10
  $100 - $300                         $25
  $300 - $1,000                      $50
  $1,000 - $2,000                   $100
  $2,000 - $5,000                   $250
  $5,000 - $10,000                 $500
  $10,000 - $50,000               $1,000
  $50,000 and more              $2,500

Can I place an Absentee Bid?

Yes, but only for the in-person auctions, not the automated, online only auctions. As a convenience to our bidders who cannot attend a sale in person, or online through LiveAuctioneers, Woody Auction will execute written bids on your behalf for our in-person auction. Absentee bidders should complete the Absentee Bid Form and submit the written bid at least 24 hours in advance of the auction. Further, if Woody Auction receives written bids on a lot for identical amounts, and at the auction these are the highest bids on the lot, it will be sold to the person whose written bid was received first. Lots are bought for absentee bidders at the lowest possible price, which may be below the written bid price, subject to other bids. You may download our Absentee Bid Form and fax it to (316) 746-2145 or email it to info@woodyauction.com.

What happens when I register to bid on LiveAuctioneers for one of Woody Auction's events?

If you are a new bidder on LiveAuctioneers or you are a new bidder with us, we call to verify that your address is correct on your account. We do this for two reasons:

  1. It avoids lost and stolen UPS shipments (which costs $18 to return to us, plus the shipping must be charged to the bidder again).
  2. It gives us a chance to answer any questions you may have.

Please register at least 48 hours in advance to insure a timely approval. 


If you are a new international bidder on LiveAuctioneers or you are a new international bidder with us, we message you via LiveAuctioneers to verify that your address is correct on your account. Once we receive confirmation of a correct shipping address there will be a $500 bid limit placed on your account. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we do this for 3 reasons:

  1. It avoids lost and stolen shipments (which cost to return to us and shipping must be charged to the bidder again)
  2. We have consistently had international bidders not pay their invoices. Once we have a completed invoice with you, we can reconsider the limit.
  3. It gives us a chance to answer any questions you may have.

Please register at least 48 hours in advance to insure a timely approval. 

What is the difference between ABCG and BPCG?

We will describe an item as ABCG, American Brilliant Cut Glass, if we are certain it is American. However, if the item is from a maker or had been attributed to the European market (i.e. Val St Lambert, Stevens & Williams), we will call these items BPCG, Brilliant Period Cut Glass.

What kind of antiques do you sell?

American Brilliant Cut Glass – Dorflinger, Hawkes, Libbey, J. Hoare, Egginton, Tuthill, etc.

Art Glass – Tiffany, Mt. Washington, English & French Cameo, Webb, Burmese, Amberina, Lalique, Durand, Stuben, Brides Baskets, Pickle Castors, Biscuit Jars, Wave Crest, Crown Milano, Mother of Pearl, Loetz, Moser, Nakara, Kelva, etc.

Artwork – Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Lithographs, etc.

Carnival Glass – Fenton, Northwood, Dugan,. and more

Coins - Proof Sets, Ingots, Gold, Silver, etc.

Firearms – Antique, Modern, Hand Guns, Rifles, Long Guns

Furniture – Statues, Writing Tables, Ladies Desk, Cabinets, Sideboards, Belter, Horner, Meeks, etc.

Jewelry – Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Broaches, Earrings, Hat Pins, Hair Combs, Chatelaine, etc.

Lamps – Handel, Pairpoint, Gone with the Wind, Reverse Painted, Tiffany, Bradley & Hubbard, Fostoria, Baccarat, etc.

Native American – Weavings: Rugs & Blankets, Jewelry, Totems & Carvings, Turquoise, Artwork, Art Glass, Pottery, Porcelain, Ceramic, Baskets, Beadwork, Pipes, Weapons

Oriental – Paintings, Porcelain, Pottery, Stoneware, Jade, etc.

Porcelain & Ceramic – RS Prussia, Nippon, Royal Bayreuth, Royal Bonn, Royal Worcester, Meissen, etc.

Pottery – Newcomb, Rookwood, Roseville, Weller, etc.

Sterling and Coin Silver – Flatware, Service Pieces, Tea Sets, Gorham, Reed & Barton

Watches & Clocks – Mantle, Floor & Grandfather, Atmos, Lantern, Coocoo, Regulators, Carriage, Wall, Bracket, Banjo, Repeater Watch, Chronograph, Chronometer, Complicated Watches, Convertible Watch, Repeater Watch, Automation Watch, Hunter’s Watch, Demi-Hunter, Fully Jeweled, Skeleton, Railroad Watch, Dollar Watch, Repousse, Side Winder, Skull Watch, Tank Watch, Transition Watch, Tourbillon Watch, etc.

Other Quality Antiques 

Do you have price lists from previous auctions?

Yes, we have prices realized listed for each auction on our website from 2014 to the present.  However, they only include the lot number and the sold price.  To access this list click here.

What is black lighting and how is it used to identify American Brilliant Cut Glass?

Black light is a type of Ultraviolet light that is not part of the visible light spectrum.  When a black light is used on a piece of American Brilliant Cut Glass, it will most often glow.  For a more detailed explanation, please click here.

Do you offer phone bidding?

Yes, we offer phone bidding on the top 40 lots for each in-person auction. Please download the Phone Bid Form, fill it out, and email it to info@woodyauction.com.  Please include your name, address, primary phone number, back-up phone number, and a list of the lot numbers on the form. If you need any further information, please call us at 316-747-2694.

How do condition reports work?

You can request a condition report by emailing us at Info@woodyauction.com or messaging us directly via LiveAuctioneers. 

  • Please include the lot numbers you are requesting a condition report on, as well as any specific damage or information you may be seeking.
  • We do not provide condition reports for our automated online only auctions as items are wrapped for shipping and stored far in advance of the auction date.
  • For our in person auctions we provide conditions reports on a maximum of 10 lots per bidder.
  • All condition reports must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of the auction start.


I cannot attend your auction in person. How do I register for the auction to bid online through LiveAuctioneers?

First, go to www.LiveAuctioneers.com/woody-auction-llc. Once you’re on that page, scroll down the list of our auctions until you find the one in which you want to bid. Next, click the blue ‘explore’ button. Then, on the right-hand side click the blue ‘register for auction’ button. At this point, you will be prompted to log in or create an account. Once you’ve created an account, we’ll receive a notification of your interest in bidding.

LiveAuctioneers requires its bidders to put a credit card on file.  Woody Auction does not participate in the AutoPay program so you will need to make payment manually.  Please read your invoice for payment options.

Please call or email us to have your registration approved if you have not previously bid with us through LiveAuctioneers. Registrations should be completed and phone calls or emails received by Woody Auction at least 48 hours in advance of the auction in which you are interested in bidding. 

My invoice through LiveAuctioneers keeps going to my spam folder, what can I do?

Sometimes an invoice gets filtered as spam or junk. Please add auctions@liveauctioneers.com and noreply@liveauctioneers.com to your email address book and/or safe sender list, and it should resolve this issue going forward. 

Can the experts of Woody Auction give appraisals?

Woody Auction is not a licensed appraiser; however, we would be happy to give you a low and high auction estimate.

What is your consignment process?

What is a Buyer's Premium?

A Buyer's Premium is an additional charge added to the hammer price at an auction that must be paid by the winner.  The premium is charged by the auctioneer as money paid for a work or a service.

Why does Woody Auction charge a premium?

We charge buyers a premium to help cover the costs of having auctions.  There are many costs to operate an auction house efficiently that most people do not consider, such as:

  • Cost to pick up items for future auctions
  • Cost to store future auction items
  • Heating and Air Conditioning in climate-controlled storage facilities
  • LiveAuctioneers' costs to post an auction
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Photography and Photo Editing time
  • Staff Wages
  • Auction House Setup and/or Tear-down
  • Online or Printed Catalogs
  • Maintaining a Website
  • General Upkeep of Electronic Equipment
  • To offset personnel time in our no-profit shipping department

What is the Buyer's Premium that Woody Auction charges?


What do all these terms mean?

For a more extensive list of antique glass terminology, click here.


  • American Brilliant Period cut glass is fine quality, hand-cut crystal or American origin that is produced from 1876 to roughly 1920 (M.S. Rau).
  • For more information see: The American Cut Glass Association.


  • Brilliant Period cut glass is fine quality, hand-cut crystal of non-American origin that is produced from 1876 to roughly 1920 (M.S. Rau).


  • A usually glass collar on a candle socket to catch drippings or on a candlestick or chandelier to hold suspended glass prisms (Merriam-Webster).


  • The outer diameter of the lip which is inserted into the fixture's shade holder.


  • A piece that fits inside something else such as a frame or a base.


  • Mother of pearl, the hard pearly iridescent substance forming the inner layer of a mollusk shell (Merriam-Webster).


  • A figure of an infant boy especially in European art of the Renaissance - usually used in plural (Merriam-Webster).


  • The knob on the base of a two-part punch bowl where it fits into the base



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