Absolutely the most professional of auctioneers! Absolutely the top shelf of auction houses. Service is prompt and professionally run. Could not be happier. Thank you.
D.S., FL

This is a long overdue 5 Star review for Woody Auction. Jason Woody and his exceptional crew provide great service and set a high standard for other auction houses. Always ready to answer questions and go the extra mile for customers. I look forward to trips to Douglass , KS. for a in-house auction and the chance to buy something special.
Google Review, Robert P

I received my order in a very quick manner. Everything was in great condition. Your packing is outstanding, albeit, UPS had fun, I guess, with the oversized box for the lamps. It was sorta' crumpled, but nothing damaged. Thanks especially for your great packing/shipping dept.
Google Review, Dolly P

Our recent winning online bid secured “a long-wished-for” Royal Bayreuth Butterfly! We were, as always, very happy with the friendly staff, the excellent packaging & quick shipping. A treasured item for our RB collection. Thanks Woody!
Kathleen T, MI

I'm always happy bidding with Woody Auction LLC... the descriptions are always accurate! You can bid with confidence!!
Elizabeth P, FL

Woody Auction’s exceptional service, professionalism and warmth exhibited by their staff is amazing. Bidders are met with a team of experts who navigate the auction process with grace and expertise, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction, leaving bidders with a sense of confidence. Each item is meticulously packed and safeguarded, arriving at its destination in pristine condition — a testament to the care and dedication woven into every aspect of their operation. For those seeking an auction house Woody Auction stands as the epitome of excellence. Bid with absolute confidence, knowing that you are engaging with an establishment defined by its unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.
Ed L, CA

The auction on Saturday of the Prussia was just wonderful! Many outstanding pieces. The Woody Crew does an over the top job organizing, implementing, auctioneering items for sale. Just an overall enjoyable time there. Outstanding as usual. THE BEST!
Carol L, SD

Woody Auctions has earned nothing less than complete trust from me over the many items I've purchased through them.
Ronald L, MI

Woody's is the best. I've used a number of auction houses and, without a doubt, Woody Auction LLC has provided me with the best overall online auction experience I've ever had, absolutely, no doubt, hands down. It is the ONLY auction house I have used that allowed me to HEAR the auctioneer and SEE the house employees bring the items to the auction display table from my online position. That made me feel as if I were right there-with the other live participants. I wish all online auction experiences incorporated the same technology. The PACKING was absolutely phenomenal. Nothing could possibly have broken in transit due to the tremendously thorough and careful way the items were packed for shipping. When I had a question about Woody Auction House process late on a Saturday night, I received an email right back, letting me know that Woody would call me first thing Monday morning-and he did. And he answered all my questions in all the detail I wanted or needed. Believe me, I will be looking for future auctions at Woody Auction LLC because it is a very top notch place to do business!
Jim J, MA

I just wanted to let you know that I received my recent purchase Lot #218 from your online auction yesterday and everything arrived in perfect condition. It was very well packaged with a box within a box and the wine glasses were wrapped in bubble wrap. The 8 wine glasses were even more beautiful in person than I envisioned and I immediately put one to use for supper last night. I am extremely happy with them and thank you so much for such a professional job in shipping them to me. I look forward to finding more treasure in your future auctions.
Richard H, AL

Fast. Good communication. Highly recommended.
Dale O, FL

Professional in every way. Packaged extremely well and shipped quickly. Trusted Auction house. Always a trusted dealer. Will continue to purchase from Woody Auction... Professional shipping and handling. Thank you!
Leah M, NC

Fabulous shipping at fair prices. Amazing things. Once again, I won another incredible item from you. The packing is incredible. You are the best. Thank you for your amazing service.
Steven P, TX

I buy at many auctions. Woody is the best. Very good service, good packaging, and not expensive shipping.
Leo R, IL

Great service! I purchased a number of items from Woody Auction over a two-day auction period. I was very happy with the ease of online bidding. I was able to listen in on the auction via internet and keep on top of the bidding. I received texts when any of my "saved" items that I had looked at previously were coming up for bid. This is such an easy way to buy at an auction! Shipping was great. Woody Auction arranged it all. The packaging was perfect: bubble wrap and paper. All the items I purchased were breakable and Woody was careful to make sure everything was packaged safely. I look forward to attending another of their auctions, I had a great experience with them.
Rebecca C, VA

Brief note here to let you know that my Wave Crest from the March 2nd auction has arrived safely. Thank you to everyone at Woody Auction for its quick processing, excellent packing, and shipping via UPS. Looking forward to several upcoming Woody auctions! All my best to everyone at Woody Auction.

From Voicemail:
Hello, this is James S***** from ********, Pennsylvania. I just received in the mail my pitcher and wall pocket match holder. I absolutely love them. I adore them. They're wonderful! There are no scratches on them. They're perfect! The wrapping was good and the packaging was great and I've very happy with it. Again, I'm crazy about the stuff you sent me. Everything is perfect. Thank you very much.
James S, PA

I did not realize Woody Auction did all the packing in house. I am SO impressed by the service. Reasonable prices and quick! I really appreciate the attention you have all supplied. Many auction houses are so slow. I'm still waiting for a single piece that I bought three weeks ago. Just getting the item to the UPS store and getting them to pack it has taken this long, AND they want an arm and a leg for doing so. I am very appreciative and thankful for how quickly you all have handled this. My thanks!
Marcie T, OR

Normally, I am a complainer about someone not doing their job properly or professionally and causing me unnecessary trouble or time. I have been involved in buying antiques at auction for over 50 years. I have dealt with Sotheby's, Christie's, Hindmans, Clements, New Orleans Auction, Neal Auction, Winfield, Fontaine's, DuMouchelles, Bright Star, Freemans, Hannan, Brunk, Amero, Burchard, Bruneau, Quinn's, Susanin's, Bunch, LiveAuctioneers, and many others off the top of my head. Woody Auction has been the most efficient, attentive, communicative, friendly, and polite of all of them by far. From the detail in the listing, precise terms and conditions, calling to confirm phone numbers, phone bidding assistance, billing, and office help by phone and email, and promptness: you all are the best.
Ed S, IA

This is the most Honest Auction House. Great Items. Very Great Customer Service. Packing Exceptional. Thank You!
Debra C, OR

I have been purchasing items for Woody for a couple of years everything is as described and and shipping I have never had an issue, The pack thing really well, and their payment system is the easiest to work with. I will be back again.
Pamela C, WI

Woody Auction has excellent quality items and assures a seamless auction experience. I received my items wrapped very carefully and all items were exactly as indicated during the auction. They responded very quickly to questions I had also. Thanks Woody Auction!
Google Review, Lynn M

HONEST AUCTION HOUSE WITH SUPERB PACKING. Thank you for being an honest auction place to purchase very nice rare articles. And thank you for taking a lunch break, we all need a little break on these long auctions. Excellent packers. I have recommended Woody's to my colleagues and have purchased numerous times.
Cheryl T, NJ

Best cut glass shipping in the business! I have bought a considerable amount of American Brilliant Cut Glass through Woody Auction over the past 15 years. Boxes are always packed to perfection. I have never had a piece arrive broken. The staff is always willing to work with the buyer if shipment needs to be faster or slower than normal. They are willing to hold purchases if necessary until you're home to receive them. Buyer's premium and shipping costs are below industry averages. Don't hesitate to bid in Woody's auctions!
Carol C, VA

Best in the business. Very professional from start to finish. I have dealt with 100's of auction houses across the country. Most fall very short. Woody Auction strives for accuracy and top notch performance. Couple that with a personal touch and sincere attitude makes them heads above the rest.
Franz H, LA

Detailed and accurate item pictures and descriptions. Love, love, love Woody Auction House. I appreciate most, their detailed item descriptions and pictures. They have never proved inaccurate. Their buyer's premiums are reasonable. The shipping is fantastic and the cut-glass crystal pieces arrive in perfect shape. What's not to like?
Jackie P, CA

Thanks. I have been bidding and buying from your auction for many years. I have been very pleased with my purchases and consider Woody's one of the top auctions for Victorian art glass and cut glass.
June S, IN

Woody Auction is one of the best auction houses we have ever dealt with. Their item descriptions and photos are spot-on. Their packing is superb. We have bought from them several times. They get 5 out 5 from us. Thanks for your superior service!!!!!
Phillip L, VA

I've now purchased from Woody Auction on several occasions. Overall my experience with them has been great. The staff are super friendly and helpful with your payment options. They were also extremely helpful when I had an incident where something broke in transit and resolved the situation very quickly. Overall their packing is impeccable and for the volume they cover, they ship so fast. I plan to continue to do business with them in the future. Highly recommend this business!
Tammy H, CA

Woody Auction provides accurate descriptions of the items, quick shipping, and fantastic packing. Who could ask for anything more? I've been dealing with this auction house for about 30 years and have never been disappointed. I think that says a lot.
Nancy S, TX

Everything went very well while bidding with Woody Auction.
Kathy G, PA

I buy the item. They send the invoice. They send the shipping charge and in less than a week I have my pieces. What could be better than that?
Kathleen T, FL

I’m completely satisfied with accuracy of the description and was SO THRILLED to receive the auction item incredibly well packed. This is usually the part I worry over the most. A fabulous experience doesn’t matter if the item arrives damaged or broken because of inferior packing. I also appreciate that the packaging was done in house. It was an easy-peasy process in all and wouldn’t hesitate to deal with them again.
Pamela W, AZ

Fabulous Items!
I love this auction house!
Lorri S, NJ

Woody Auction LLC was a very professional experience.
Everything went as hoped and look forward to the next auction. Thank You....
John P, LA

I assumed my book would be shipped in a cardboard box at the media rate. Instead it was put is an oversized box with several hundred Styrofoam peanuts as if it were breakable. Needless to say, this added several $ to the final cost of the book. While I understand a second party did the packing and shipping, some common sense direction from the auction house was expected.
Douglas T, FL
(We were training new employees during this auction and this item slipped by us. We believe we have resolved this problem with the bidder by offering a shipping discount.)

Very friendly customer service! From the point of sale until the lots arrive at our home, Woody Auction LLC creates an extremely smooth experience. They are very professional and helpful. I love this auction house!
Samantha S, IA

I won two Aladdin lamps in a recent Woody Auction. I received the items today. They were exactly as described. The shipping was professionally done and for a very reasonable price! Woody Auction gets high marks for me on every aspect of this transaction!!
Google Review, fox fox

I've been doing auctions for a while and I have never seen an Auction house that has their business handled like this one. From hammer to my house in 5 days!!! No flipping way, right? These people are good. You don't have to wonder or worry about your stuff.
Google Review, Joe M

Buying from Woody Auction has been one of my best auction house experiences starting at the very beginning to the QUICKEST AND BEST PACKING POSSIBLE! I rate them 5-1/2 on a 5-star rating!
Google Review, Rick H

Professional, honest, fair shipping prices, who could ask for anything more!! A very reliable seller. AAA+++++.
Google Review, Pointsettia Palace

Thank you all so much for everything you did for me mom and dad's Wave Crest collection. All of us siblings are so grateful - and the live shout-out to my mom during the auction meant so much to her.
David A, VA

A couple of days ago I won one lot of seven light Bimini stem wine glasses in an auction out of New York. Knowing that New York shipping can be rather crazy, I got three quotes from shippers recommended by the auction house. The lowest was $99.00 and the highest was $1,480. They actually called to let me know they had submitted their bid and wanted to know if I was interested. And this is why I love your shipping service and consider Woody Auction to be the Gold Standard by which I measure other auction houses and shippers. On this note, thank you and everybody there at Woody Auction for me.
Gerry P, MI

Woody Auction get an A+++++. They are THE BEST from A to Z. Whether you are buying or selling, you won't be disappointed with this firm.
Received our lamp yesterday and the packaging was super duper! We are enjoying it! Thanks for a wonderful transaction and shipping. You are the BEST!!
Carol L, SD

Fabulous! Smooth! Fast! Easy international transaction! Great in-house packing at a very fair price! All items arrived as described and better! Great packing and ultra fast shipping! One hundred percent satisfied! If you are an auction buyer, keep your eyes on this auction house! I highly recommend Woody Auction, LLC. Thank you so much!!

I recently won a few very, very delicate items from Woody Auction. You always cross your fingers they will arrive safely. They were sent in a short amount of time and the packaging was wonderful. They went above and beyond to assure that I would receive these glass items in one piece and I did. I could have dropped them off the top of a house and I bet they would not have broken. Excellent job. Thanks for the extra care for things you cannot always replace. I really enjoyed your auction.
Paulette K, MI

I’ve been buying from Woody’s for over 23 years because I know I can trust their knowledge and condition reports. In these days of absurdly high shipping costs, their very affordable charges for super careful packing and shipping allow us all to continue pursuing our passion for collecting, which is so appreciated. All other auction houses should follow their example!!! Thank you again for a great experience!
Susan T, CO

Hello. . . my many packages arrived today. I want to thank you and the appropriate staff, for the excellent job of packing. I am always impressed with Woody Auction - all aspects of dealing with you folks. You should be very proud of the good work you do. I hope to deal with you again soon. : )
Denise, FL

Very professional... fast shipping... excellent communication.. have placed this auction house on my favorites list.
Carol F, AL

I just can't say enough about this auction co. They are amazing. They have the most fabulous merchandise and they have the best shipping from any online auction that I have bought from. They have the most reasonable shipping prices for the quality of shipping they provide. They shipped me three large boxes with 15 pieces of china and five large pieces of Art Glass. Very well wrapped in bubble and filled with packing peanuts. Everything arrived in perfect condition and the shipping was a fraction of what UPS charges.
Steve P, TX

Woody Auction is very professional, very reasonable shipping costs. Staff is amazing!
Ed L, CA

The people and the operation of Woody Auction are incredibly professional, accurate, reliable, and friendly! I appreciate their business ethics and amazing customer relationships.
Sarah S, MO

It is always a pleasure to purchase from Woody Auction. Very informative and courteous staff make the sale and processing go smoothly. I would highly recommend Woody Auction.
Susan S, WI

This Auction house is superior. I have shopped and bought from a lot of auction houses and this group is quick to respond, anxious to meet customer needs, patient, friendly, and quick to ship. Very, very good merchandise. Well packed. Quick shipping every time I’ve purchased. I recommend Woody Auction based on my experience.
Susan I, VA

This has to be the most honest, helpful, & friendly auction house I have ever dealt with! I've attended in person & have done phone, absentee, & online bidding. My purchases were shipped with the utmost care & wrapped beyond belief. You won't have to worry about any delicate purchase you win from this auction house. Shipping cost were extremely reasonable especially with the amount of wrapping & boxes within boxes they used. Everything was new and fresh-no recycled (used) boxes or wrappings. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Everyone was so helpful & friendly whether in person or on the phone. We witnessed firsthand their honest conduction of business. You will not be unhappy with Woody's Auction! I know we will be back again for another in person event!
Sharri T, AR

Woody Auction does a fantastic job in listing photos, description and condition of each item. Starting price is fairly low, and there do not seem to be any reserves. The in-house packing and shipping is very reasonably priced compared to any other auction house or shippers, they pack extremely well and safely and ship out right away. I bought the item in an auction on Friday morning, and incredibly it arrived on Monday by noon! That has to be a record time for delivery. A + +
Robert H, IL

I wanted to thank you and the crew there! Our lamp arrived yesterday -- fantastic packing job. I'm always hesitant to buy glass online but I didn't feel that way with you guys. The shipping was superb!!! We were thrilled with our experience with your auction and will follow your future events.
Amy K, IA

What a quality company! You have been very helpful answering my questions since this was my first experience with an online auction. I attended a Woody Auction in person several years ago and was impressed with your cordiality! Thank you. I appreciate your time and helpfulness.
Delores V, MO

Congratulations on a spectacularly successful auction! I can't think of any auctioneers that deserve it better than you! Left me in the dust of course . . . But I sure loved looking! Ron Blessing - was and is a blessing! Good job from the advertising to the photography to the videos . . . all of it was great. If I ever gain enough treasures to be sold in the future, I wouldn't want any other auction house to handle it but you!
Sabra W, AR

Just a quick note to let you know my boxes arrived safely this afternoon and the packing crew did another excellent job so please tell them thank you for me. Too often the behind the scenes people are forgotten and I think it is a good idea to let them know that we really do appreciate them and I consider your packing the best I have experienced from any in house operation and also any third party shipper that I have had to use.
Gerry P, MI

Another positive experience with Woody Auction LLC. The 7items I won at their most recent auction were exactly as described. In addition, they shipped all 7 from in-house, even though 2 of the items were rather large. Lastly, they were able to combine all 7 items into two boxes for shipping, which greatly reduced the overall shipping charges. What a great example of true customer service! Thank you to Carol and her team! I will definitely be watching for future Woody Auction events and won't hesitate to participate again.
Greg P, MD

This was my second purchase from Woody Auction and it was a much more fragile item than my first purchase. Both were packed for shipping with incredible care. I'm impressed. I look forward to continuing to be a bidder in future auctions.
Calvin H, PA

All my recent pottery auction purchases arrived today and I've got to COMPLIMENT your staff! Everything was wrapped, packed, and secured so professionally! Everything made the journey to Maryland absolutely perfectly. So many thanks to you all. I'll certainly keep your auctions on my radar now.
Samuel C, MD

I wanted to let you know that the cut glass we bought at the last online auction all arrived safely and is in exactly the condition described (if not better than described!). The packing was superb and shipment was fast! Always a great experience (whether online or in person) with Jason, Carol, Jeanine, Meagan, and the other Woody staff. You guys are the best! Thanks!!
Cindy C, AR

The vases arrived yesterday in great shape. Your team did a superb packing job! In our opinion one of the best we have seen.
Chris C, MI

TOP of its Class!! Woody Auction is one of the best places to find and purchase very fine pieces of art glass, art pottery, and porcelains. They havea team of people who know what customers want. Their knowledge and professionalism goes beyond what you normally would expect. Their in-house shipping is superb! Their staff work tirelessly to insure a seamless transaction that is never disappointing. If you have every been successful in your bid, you can observe how this wonderful operation works. I am always waiting to see what their next auction has to offer. Bravo to the folks at Woody Auction! They deserve a big round of applause!!
Stanley F, CA

The best of the best! I love this auction house! The items are top notch and prices are fair including shipping costs. They get things finished, packed, and on the way here in lightning speeds. Most of all the people are super nice. I look forward to all of their auctions. Thank you for your great service.
Kimberly K, OR

As honest as they come. Woody Auction never disappoints. I have purchased many, many (did I say many?) wonderful items without a hiccup. Everything is accurately described, professionally packaged and delivered quickly. Carol and Meagan are terrific! I believe, ladies, that you spoil me. Woody Auction and all the employees make the experience very enjoyable. Thank you for another wonderful experience!
Christine H, MA

Quality, honesty, rarity. Where do I begin? It was my first time purchasing from Woody Auction and I was very pleased with the prices and efficiency from start to finish. Fantastic quality and unbelievable shipping. It far exceeds any shipping done through FedEx or UPS -- it's obvious Woody has the best packing staff. Five stars to them! They absolutely put a lot of care and time into the items they wrap, pack, and ship to make sure your pieces arrive in perfect condition. I'm now a permanent client! Thank you Jason Woody and the entire team that makes Woody Auction great at what you do. You bring the best of the best to your clients. Respectfully,
Frederick L, MA

Extremely satisfied yet again! I can always trust the quality, descriptions, and shipping from Woody Auction. Thank you again for taking great care in shipping my items and offering your in-house shipping which makes for a smooth transaction every time.
Kristin B, IL

Loved the figural bowl and loved that the seller offers shipping. Very smooth transaction. Excellent experience. The seller gave me a shipping estimate prior to bidding. The actual shipping cost after I won the auction, was at the low range of the estimate. They packed the item very well and shipped it quickly after I paid.
Arkady E, PA

Woody Auction does an outstanding job with packing and shipping items. I always receive the boxes in perfect condition and I've never had any broken items. I can see the effort you put into your auctions and it is a pleasure to do business with you. Other companies have charged me up to three times more than what you charge for shipping. Thank you very much!
Harry A, CA

Thank you for your commitment of providing accurate descriptions. It means a lot to us collectors who can't be there in person.
Peggy H, WA

After buying a large antique item, our bidder said this:
The delivery service had nothing but wonderful things to say about Woody Auction and picking up my items. I am pleased beyond words. Thanks again for allowing me to bid and working with me to get my items shipped. You guys are a class act all the way, and this has been a pleasure!
Corey C, WI

We received our 3 boxes on Wednesday. One of the boxes was heavily damaged. But to our surprise due to your excellent packing, the lamp base was not damaged. Thank you for your care in handling items.

You do a great job.
Mary Ann S, MN

I participated in your September 10 auction, mailed a check on September 12, paid for shipping on September 14, and my glass arrived today on September 16th. Amazing!! Thank you for your great service!
William M, MS

My desire to have Woody Auction to handle the commission of my entire collection is based on several reasons. First, the reputation that Woody has is the best. I know this from past experience when they handled our 2-day sale after we relocated. It was fantastic! Secondly, I have been a buyer for the past 15+ years and have never had a problem. Finally, I know our antiques, paintings, etc. will be presented for auction in the most professional manner and therefore will have the best chance of being sold at the highest dollar value with Woody handling the sale. I chose Woody Auction because I want to know that I am working with the best people when we decide to complete the downsizing. I know we can sleep easy with Woody doing the sale and not some other auction house.
Steve Z, FL

Absolutely the best experience I have ever had with buying items through a live auction online. The fastest service -- by far the best! I was in shock with how fast my items arrived; everything was perfectly packed. Just unbelievable, fantastic service. Thank you!
Reina D, CA

My first experience as a buyer of the auction was so easy and wonderful. It was easy to bid and I received my purchases in record time and were so well packed. I will be shopping again!
Jill D, TX

Everything was accurately described. However, the affordable in-house packing and shipping is what made this purchase special. I always hold my breath after a live auctioneers purchase over the rate and quality of packaging. What a pleasant surprise that both exceeded my expectations. Bravo! ’ Will shop again.
Rayvon R, GA

Every aspect of the auction process with Woody Auction is outstanding. From registration, catalog, photos, reviews, inquiries through bidding, buying, shipping, and receiving, they are scrupulously careful, thorough, professional, courteous, and kind. Through their care and operation, I feel more confident in the online auction process. Woody Auction is an amazing, professional auction company. Thank you so much!
Sarah S, MO

We continue to appreciate your first class auction and customer service. Always refreshing to see a room of smiling faces every time we attend a Woody Auction or visit the office.
Sanda N, NE

THANK YOU! Your response/information has overwhelmingly clarified the whole auction process for me...as a hopeful client, I'm impressed with this level of customer service. You no doubt are very busy so thanks again for taking time out to assist me... much appreciated!
Iain J, Canada

You do the best job of any auctioneers I do business with. I wish Woody Auction could give lessons to the other auction houses on how to do great customer service. I always receive my items in good shape. Kudos to your shipping department!
Kathleen T, FL

I have been buying at auctions for 54 years from Kentucky, New York, Florida, and Texas primarily and must tell you that you have to be the most honest one that I have ever encountered. Previously, having left bids, as I did with you, the other auction companies would accelerate the bids to my optimum. You are to be congratulated for your honesty and integrity. I would heartily endorse your auction house above all others. Thanks again and good luck to you always.
Max C, TX

I want to let you know that I received the Seller Settlement and was pleasantly surprised at what your Auction house was able to do for us, AMAZING! I want to personally Thank You and your whole organization for all that you have helped us with. I want to compliment you, Jason, and your whole team that goes beyond oneself! I have been pleasantly surprised by your commitment to the service you provided! You never lost focus of our long term goals. You are a credit to your Profession! As a client I personally appreciate your commitment to excellence and your united front with your clients. Thank you again!
Debra G, NE

I just wanted to thank your or your superb customer service. I received my items last week in record time. You guys are a pleasure to deal with and one the best auction houses I have dealt with.
Don, Canada

As always . . . Completely Professional, Prompt, and Perfect. I've purchased from Woody Auction several times now, and each time I have been totally pleased with the service, professionalism, promptness, and packaging of each item. I look forward to purchasing more from Woody Auction as they always have great items. I trust Woody to always offer excellent items, competent and accurate information, professional and friendly service. Thank you!!
Linda G, FL

Honest reliable professional. One of my all-time favorite auction companies to deal with. Never an issue, ever. First rate all the way.
Scott G, AZ

Great people! Very helpful!! I keep coming back. They are very knowledgeable about the merchandise and their in-house shipping is amazing -- always done right! If you have any questions, they are always very helpful.
Pamela C, WI

Top-notch transaction! This is my first successful "win" since recently finding the Woody Auction. I have messaged the auction house on several occasions with a myriad of inquiries (i.e., specifics about textile conditions, etc.); they are quick to respond with very clear and factual information. The actual auction is educational and engaging. The overall transaction is seamless from bidding, winning, purchasing, packing to shipping. In-house packing and shipping is such a plus. The packing team are "masters" at their efforts. Their skill is apparent as the different types of protective layers were revealed: six (6) layers. The item is exquisite; it is beautiful and arrived in perfect condition to San Francisco. Lucky me!
Tatiana I, CA

Great experience! Very positive experience as a new auction buyer. Good photos, description, and condition. used in-house shipping. Packaging was very good. Nice people. Would definitely use again.
Pam G, OK

From Google Review:
Such an excellent experience working with Woody Auction. The bidding ahead of time as well as live bidding, ordering and payment process was very easy. The in-house shipping team exceeded all my expectations. Items were so carefully packaged they could have been dropped off a building! I was very impressed with the entire experience. I can’t wait to find more items I love.
Lisa S

This came in response to Woody Auction contacting the bidder about a condition issue:
I'm smiling a bit. I buy literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of antiques for resale. Your pointing out this repair is a bit amazing. It is fine and I applaud you for being SOOOO honest. I truly commend you for your honesty. I will pass the word.
Larry S, IN

If you want to consign your antiques for auction I would highly recommend Woody Auction. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and most of all honest. In a rating of 1 to 5, they deserve a 5+.
Marlene H, OH

I'm thrilled with the results from my recent consignment sale with Woody Auction. I'm sure that I will always be in touch when fine quality China, glass, pottery, etc. comes my way for liquidation. Always a pleasure to work with you.
Duane L, MI

Woody Auction is an excellent company. This is one of my favorite places to buy from. They are honest from start to finish. I've always received just what I expected for a fair price and reasonable shipping that is carefully done.
Mary U, IL

My dad, a loyal customer, and I were just having the conversation yesterday about how your packing techniques are so far above the "standard". Our box was damaged, but the contents arrived intact. Every layer you place when wrapping is spot on! The "snake" around the necks and loopy bits, the tissue fill, the sturdy news wrap, the tape a buyer can actually find the edge of, and the foam-backed bubble wrap . . . It's like an individualized cast of protection perfection for every piece you ship!
Daughter of a customer, MI

This is hands down the best auction around. Woody is a person of character and the entire operation follows this lead -- having integrity and honesty. Superb merchandise, always just as described. Professional, fast shipping at very reasonable prices. They responded to my request to not double box and saved me money. Last time I got 10 lovely pottery and Bohemian Glass items that were perfectly packed (not a struggle to open (a big plus!) and because I asked, they didn't double box, and the whole cost was only $100! They ship as a courtesy - not to make money. How honest is that!? I love this auction!
Sabra W, AR

I received my recent auction purchase a couple of days ago. I really appreciate the care that was taken in packing the items. I don't think I have ever received a purchase from anywhere that was so well packed! I'm so impressed with the manner in which your auction does business. You have an excellent, efficient business operation! I am already looking forward to the next auction.
Leslie B, OK

Merry Christmas! Thank you for the many blessings I have received from all of you at Woodys: many beautiful things, superbly packed and rendered with personal attendance and kindness.
Anonymous, WI

The most amazing, awesome auction shippers EVER!! Wouldn't hesitate to make a purchase of the most delicate item ever made. These guys are true professionals when it comes to making sure items get to you intact. I deal with many auction houses across the country and hands down, no question, Woody Auction is the best I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. These folks are the bomb diggitty!
Danielle B, NY

Woody Auction is an extremely reputable auction house. it is always a pleasure to deal with Woody Auction. People should bid with confidence and anxiously await their won items. They will arrive in great condition due to expert packing.
Nancy S, TX

Woody Auction is a reputable auction house. My experience with them is positive. I'm happy with their customer support and attention to the client's needs. I had an issue with an item and they handled it quickly and professionally and I'm satisfied with their attention to my concerns. I will buy from Woody Auction again.
Philip W, FL

Woody Auction is the best! I would give them a 10 star rating, if possible. I have used them for two or three auctions to sell items. Jason and the ladies are by far the best. When they say they will contact you, they do so in a timely manner. I would not buy or sell anything except at Woody Auction.
Shirley R, MS

On October 9, 2021, Woody Auction sold our private hand-painted porcelain collection. This collection consisted of antique hand-painted porcelain done by artists at the Pickard Studio and related Chicago area studios, mainly during the 1890--1925-time frame. Lily and I spent over 35 years selecting the pieces for this collection. We were early members of the Pickard Collector’s Club which was formed in 1993. Lily was a porcelain artist and was very fond of the richness of the gold trim on many of the pieces we collected.

The original collection was moved from Memphis, TN to Fountain Hills, AZ in 2001 and had additional pieces added to it until we moved to an apartment in a Memory Care Unit of a Senior Living facility in March 2020. The collection was placed in storage at that time.

 Lily passed away on December 31, 2020, and a few days later I was hospitalized with Covid-19.  While I was recuperating in late January, I made the decision to return to my native state of Kansas. I contacted Jason Woody to see if he was interested in conducting an auction of the collection. Once an agreement was made, Jason and his staff took over the moving of the collection from Arizona to Kansas. The auction process was begun. Jason kept me informed as each step was made leading to the day of the sale. Other members of my family viewed the display with me the day before the sale and we were amazed at how well the items were displayed and lit in the auction hall. Having been involved as a seller in several auctions and a bidder at 100’s of auctions during my lifetime, I felt Jason and his staff ran an extremely professional operation from the day the contract was signed until the last sale lot went across the auction block.  I highly recommend Woody Auction.
Hosea H, KS

The two boxes and the seven lots for which I was lucky to be the successful bidder arrived about an hour ago. Everything arrived safely. Superb job of packing. Everything is in perfect condition. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. It's a distinct pleasure to participate in a Woody auction. Again, many thanks to each of you on your Gold Medal Team.
Donald B, CA

I hope everyone could have the great experience I had with this auction house.  I purchased a floor lamp that I thought could be broken down to ship.  Unbeknownst to me the base and center pole was one piece.  Kudos to the person or people who packaged this – they did an absolutely outstanding job.  They wrapped and numbered every piece that came apart.  Then they made a special box to hold the base/center pole.  I was floored, extremely grateful, and impressed by their ingenuity in packing this awkward gigantic piece.  It arrived 1500 miles later intact and in perfect condition. Honestly, an absolute surprise and amazing accomplishment. They should put out a YouTube instruction video. You can't go wrong with these guys. I do appreciate everything they did to get it to me.  Again, just an outstanding job!
Danielle B, NY

ALWAYS a total PLEASURE to deal with you guys! Best auctions without question. I am serious - the quality and descriptions are always beyond expectations. I don't bother to do other glass auctions anymore. The customer service is without compare.
Leslie B, MI

I would like to express my positive experience with dealing with Woody Auction thru LiveAuctioneers. I have been reluctant about going to LiveAuctioneers and bidding. The one issue I have experience with winning an item on LiveAuctioneers is shipment. Woody Auction has implemented a way to streamline this issue. It was much to my delight. . . THANK YOU!!
Michelle P, CA

I received my lamp and bell yesterday. Wow! What an awesome job of packing. You guys did an outstanding job and both arrived safely. I love them. Thank you very much.
Barbara W, IL

I have watched many of your auctions online and this was my first purchase. You are one of the best auctions on LiveAuctioneers. Great quality items. your shipping department is superb -- with an extremely reasonable price. I will continue to bid on your auctions. Thank you.
Scott S, OR

Let me give you, Jason and family, a big "Thank you". Walt would have been very pleased with all that Woody's auction has done for me. Thank you again. I hope to see you all in the future.
Eleanor H, NJ

Professional, Honest, Dependable: I've both bought and sold through Woody Auction. I am continually impressed and pleased with the service they provide. They are honest in their descriptions, noting any defects. I highly recommend them, whether you're in need of selling, or wish to buy.
Duane L, MI

I only recently became aware of Woody Auction through the ACGA and what a gift! Not only was my first auction fascinating, but I was also able to get six pieces that are exquisite - even more beautiful than the pictures. The people are so helpful - very patient with novices like me. They even called me before the auction to make sure I understood how everything works. Others don't do that, I learned. After that auction I participated in two from other companies and have now vowed to deal only with Woody. The packing was incredible and the shipping very prompt and reasonable. All I can say is WOW!!
Leslie B, MI

Of all the auction houses I have purchased from over the years, Woody Auction is one of the best!
Lucille D, CT

Always a Pleasure! Purchasing an item from Woody Auction continues to be a pleasant experience. The photos and descriptions of items are top notch and their packaging and shipping is first rate.
Gregory W, MA

Just to let you know of the safe undamaged arrival of my lots from your Brilliant Glass auction. They are all quality pieces, however, one lot, is outstand and of museum quality. I am very happy to own all the pieces and thank you for all your assistance over the last year.
Warren H, Australia

Judy and I want to thank you for your excellent service in the disposition of my glass collection (including Wave Crest, Mt. Washington, Etc.) We were so pleased with the prices you secured on our behalf. The photography of the items was superior, as well as the description of each item displayed. You are to be commended for your great professional auction service, and I want you to know I would highly recommend you and your staff for such well done service to your clients.
Whitney H. Newland, CA

Top notch professional auction house! I've been working with Woody Auction as a buyer and seller for almost 20 years and I can only tell you they are, hands down, the BEST auction house to do business with...period! Professional, 100% honest and always responsive. They sell high quality antiques and collectibles that always exceed your expectations. Jason Woody and his entire team are the best people to work with. Bid with confidence with Woody. You will not be disappointed.
Steve Z, FL

Woody provides very accurate and detailed descriptions of the products to be auctioned. Their auction process is very fair and they do a superlative job of packing and shipping American Brilliant Cut Glass purchases. They are one of the best auction houses I have had the pleasure of dealing with and the go to place to purchase the best selection and quality of American Brilliant Cut Glass.
James S, VA

THANK YOU! Your response/information has overwhelmingly clarified the whole process for me...as a hopeful client, I'm impressed with this level of customer service. You no doubt are very busy so thanks for taking time out to assist me...much appreciated!
Iain J, Canada

I just wanted to write to say thanks for packing everything so perfectly! Wow -- I got everything in perfect condition and am pleased. I think you guys did a great job and I wouldn't hesitate to shop with you again."
Kevin D, Canada

Always happy with my purchases from Woody. I buy crystal and glass and they are expertly wrapped and have never had any breakage. They call out any imperfections and are nice folks to deal with. I only buy from Woody.
Nancy O, CA

Not only does this auction house have fabulous finds, they know how to treat their customers with courtesy and respect. I love their professionalism, and the friendly attitude. I always look for Woody Auction first!
Kathryn W, FL

Dear Jason and the entire team at Woody Auction,
Thank you so much for all you did to sell my Aunt's cut glass collection. It is so wonderful to know that so many students will benefit from the scholarships. I appreciate all the work you did and the support you provided us both in preparation for and at the auction. We both had a great time seeing it all come together. Thank you again! Warmly,
Janet K, CA

Woody's is my favorite auction! Always a fine selection of great items presented honestly and professionally. Questions are quickly answered! These folks are Top Notch from start to finish! It is even a joy paying for my purchases too! Down right friendly and helpful people with no excuses and prompt attention to details. I am forever faithful! Thanks for another success!!!
Stanley F, CA

Over the 40 years that I've collected antiques, the Woody Auction Company has distinguished itself as my favorite. Jason and his family are knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, very responsive to inquiries, and MOST importantly, the most honest people I've every dealt with in the antique business. I hope that this family business continues for many generations!
Paul B, FL

Just a note to let you know that the large Limoges chargers I purchased from you, arrived here in perfect condition this afternoon. Thank you for your excellent shipping! Everyone I have spoken with on the phone during this transaction has been very helpful. I thank you all! Best wishes!
Russel D, FL

My last package from you was packed to the nines. This package arrived today in perfect condition. Packed beautifully. Thank you.
Sandra S, MI

Both boxes have arrived safely. Thank you for your expert service. The three pieces of Pickard are beautiful. Thank you all for your courtesy and great shipping. You all made everything so easy and such a pleasure. Hats off to Woody Auction!
Donald B, CA

"Everything arrived, very well packed (by which I mean not only safely, but also in such a way as to make unpacking easy) and in all points conforming to the sale catalog's description. Thank you very much for your efficient process."
Bernard M, France

Great Auction! Customer service was wonderful, just wished I could remember the name of girl who checked me out! She was fantastic! Received my item within 3 days too. Easy transaction and my treasure was wrapped very well! Always great stuff at this auction. Wished I'd won more! Thanks so much. I just love my card tray!
Sharri T, AR

One of the Finest Auction Houses I have ever dealt with. I have been collecting some of the finest and most fragile glass for over 30 years, so deciding where to purchase from, especially when you are spending a lot of money and the Auction House is overseas, whilst also contending with packing and international shipping is a major concern. However with Woody Auction LLC, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Their professionalism, courteous replies and rapid responses, enabled us to quickly work through a complex purchase order incredibly smoothly. The packaging was probably the best I have ever come across, each item was wrapped in tissue paper, then wrapping paper, then padded bubblewrap, the lot number of each item was written on the masking tape. They even used different colour bubblewrap to differentiate between the lot numbers, extraordinary customer service. Woody Auctions followed my requests exactly when it came to the paperwork and labelling for the box, ensuring that my shipment was not held-up at UK Customs. Due to their special relationship with Fed Ex, the shipping costs were very reasonable indeed. Needless to say everything arrived in perfect condition and the shipment took just 4 days from the USA to Berkshire in England. I would highly recommend Woody Auctions to any International Buyer, even if the item they are considering bidding on is incredibly fragile. I would like to personally thank Carol, Meagan and the Woody Auction House team and wish them all the best for the future.
Chris R, United Kingdom

I am very pleased with the folks at Woody Auction LLC. I bid on my first live online auction, through LiveAuctioneers, for a beautiful and delicate glass vase offered by Woody Auction. I received information from Woody, both by email and phone. I spoke with two very helpful and professional people at Woody's, who explained everything about the process, payment and shipping, and answered all of my (many) questions, prior to the day of the auction. I received my vase in excellent condition, very securely wrapped, and promptly shipped. I will not hesitate to bid on items offered by Woodys, and highly recommend them.
Linda G, Florida

Thank you for all the work on our auctions -- you do a beautiful job and we really appreciate all the work that goes into this.
Ida P, CA

I want to thank Woody Auction for the way they do business through LiveAuctioneers.com. They were a delight to do business with. The billing, payment, and shipment were all handled with ease. As the customer, they made each step very easy to do. THANK YOU!
Michelle P, CA

I wanted to let you know my item has been delivered. Superb packing! Thanks for a great all around experience with Woody Auction.
Sandra B, PA

Just a shout out thank you to your "packing elves" who did an outstanding job on my Carnival glass items. You've won my supreme packing award, and I would never hesitate to participate in any of your auctions.
Terri C, SC

During my 5 years of purchasing auction items from Woody Auction, customer service continues to be exemplary!
Ken H, MD

Just wanted to let you know that everything was well packed and arrived safely. Kudos to your team! I was super nervous, but I now have confidence in your packers to do an excellent job with packing glass. Love everything I got. Thanks again.
Miriam B, PA

You are the best auction house I've ever dealt with and Woody's legacy is in great hands!  We wish you could do all the Prussia auctions.  My friend was very impressed with the professionalism.
Mary Lou B, KY


My glass arrived today and I wanted to thank you and your staff for an excellent job on the condition report and packing.  The glass came without damage and exactly as described on the condition report.  The extra pictures were a big plus.  A positive experience like this reduces my hesitancy to bid online.
Dean P, FL


Thank you for all the beautiful pieces that we have gotten from your auctions this past year, and for you diligence in getting those pieces safely to us
Elizabeth B, WI

Thank you all so much for a very uplifting experience of the sale of my items at the auction. I was so impressed with your family participation and enjoyed one and all. You have been very professional and also kind and considerate.
Shirley R., KS


I just wanted to write to say thanks for packing everything so perfectly! Wow -- I got everything in perfect condition and am pleased. I think you guys did a great job and I wouldn't hesitate to shop with you again.
Kevin D, Ontario


My box arrived today. The 2 glass items are beautiful. Now, about the packing, outstanding. I hope they pack me that good when they ship me off. Thank you all very much, all of you are very pleasant.
Sandy S, MI


Item arrived today, as usual perfectly packed. A very nice item - warm thanks yet again from a regular happy customer.
Nicholas K, NY


I have been in the antique business for forty-seven years & during this time have bought & sold through many auction houses. I must tell you that my experience with Woody's has been nothing short of sensational! Thank you for making this a most enjoyable experience &, I hope, I will have the opportunity to do business with you again.
Lawrence Z, NY


I received my package last night at 9:30pm. All arrived in perfect condition, and once again a fantastic job from your shipping department. And I am always pleased with my purchases, which always exceed the photos online. The best part about purchasing from you folks is your in house shipping, which is very reasonable and exceeds any UPS or Fed Ex. shipping which they could learn a thing or two from your shipping people, I no longer purchase from Auction House's who do not do there own in house shipping, it far too much of a hassle when one has to make arrangements with an outside shipper and you have no control over the items you have purchased, so in short what I am saying is Woody's is doing everything right, and as a customer I am and couldn't be happier w/doing my business w/Woody's. Once again, Thank you for a great experience.
Joseph S, MA


Just a quick note to let you know that my vases and scales arrived safely today and are just more proof of why I think of you as my gold standard to judge other auction houses by. I just, last Thursday, received a vase from another house that I won in a June 23rd auction and am still waiting for another piece from a different auction house auction that was two weeks before your auction. Your service is weeks and even more than a month faster than your competition and very appreciated, so thank you again for doing what you do so well. I just wanted to let you know that all of the work and effort you put into your business is both noticed and appreciated for the quality of the business it has established and that you conduct.  Thank you again.
Gerry P, MI


I would personally like to Thank you for all that you have done to make the 3 Lyle Auctions a huge success. It's nice to see that from start to finish you have completed the process in such a professional way, just as Carrol said you would be doing us an honor by taking this on. Carrol would be extremely proud as I am (her family is too.). Others can now enjoy the beauty that my lovely wife and I saw in our collection. Thank you.
Donald L, WA


Of all the auction houses I deal with, you guys are the most professional, efficient, and reliable of them all. Keep up the great work, Your shipping department is outstanding.
Bert K, TX

I have been closely involved with Woody Auctions for over 45 years. My husband, the late Dr. Rieger, and I began collecting antiques in the 1960's, and we traveled all over the world adding to our collection.

We became acquainted with John Woody, and later, his son Jason Woody, through our attendance at auctions held in Douglass, Kansas. We were so impressed with the quality of items that the Woody Auction house obtained that we became loyal attendees for the rest of my husband's life, and now, I regularly attend with my daughter.

I have been both a customer of Woody's Auctions for decades, and then, when my husband passed, I chose to have Woody Auctions hold the estate sale of our over 4000 piece collection. I had many auction houses to choose from including Sotheby's and Christie's, but I had such deep trust of John and Jason Woody, that I chose them as our selection. I was so pleasantly surprised by the tremendous success of the auctions, which had to be held on 4 separate dates due to the large quantity of items.

I cannot stress how much confidence in the Woody Auction house I have, and I recommend to any and all who are looking for such services. They simply can't be beat in terms of professionalism and pleasant interactions.
Karin Rieger, KS

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