Just a quick note to let you know that my vases and scales arrived safely today and are just more proof of why I think of you as my gold standard to judge other auction houses by. I just, last Thursday, received a vase from another house that I won in a June 23rd auction and am still waiting for another piece from a different auction house auction that was two weeks before your auction. Your service is weeks and even more than a month faster than your competition and very appreciated, so thank you again for doing what you do so well. I just wanted to let you know that all of the work and effort you put into your business is both noticed and appreciated for the quality of the business it has established and that you conduct.

Thank you again,

Gerry P., MI

I would personally like to Thank you for all that you have done to make the 3 Lyle Auctions a huge success. It's nice to see that from start to finish you have completed the process in such a professional way, just as Carrol said you would be doing us an honor by taking this on. Carrol would be extremely proud as I am (her family is too.). Others can now enjoy the beauty that my lovely wife and I saw in our collection. Thank you.

Donald Lyle, WA

Of all the auction houses I deal with, you guys are the most professional, efficient, and reliable of them all. Keep up the great work, Your shipping department is outstanding.

Bert Kennedy, TX

I have been closely involved with Woody Auctions for over 45 years. My husband, the late Dr. Rieger, and I began collecting antiques in the 1960's, and we traveled all over the world adding to our collection.

We became acquainted with John Woody, and later, his son Jason Woody, through our attendance at auctions held in Douglass, Kansas. We were so impressed with the quality of items that the Woody Auction house obtained that we became loyal attendees for the rest of my husband's life, and now, I regularly attend with my daughter.

I have been both a customer of Woody's Auctions for decades, and then, when my husband passed, I chose to have Woody Auctions hold the estate sale of our over 4000 piece collection. I had many auction houses to choose from including Sotheby's and Christie's, but I had such deep trust of John and Jason Woody, that I chose them as our selection. I was so pleasantly surprised by the tremendous success of the auctions, which had to be held on 4 separate dates due to the large quantity of items.

I cannot stress how much confidence in the Woody Auction house I have, and I recommend to any and all who are looking for such services. They simply can't be beat in terms of professionalism and pleasant interactions.

Karin Rieger, KS

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