Consignment With Woody Auction

We consign a variety of items at Woody Auction, a no-reserve auction house. Contact us for more information!


  • Please send us your photos. For instance, group shots of a cabinet or table display are fine.
    • You can mail in hard copies, email digital photos to, (7-8 cell phone photos can be attached per email) or add photos to a DropBox (share them with for us to view.
    • Please note that photos in any format will not be returned.
    • Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number, as well as your preferred time frame to sell.
  • We guarantee  to respond to your submission within one business day so you know we received your photos.
  • Jason Woody, our auctioneer, will review your images and get back to you, usually within a week.
  • We do not accept collections without prior agreement/permission.
  • If you would like to review our contract, please send a request to  Directions for setting up and using a DropBox account are here

Commission Structure

We have no upfront or hidden fees! Our flat-rate commission covers everything.*

  • 15% for items that sell for $5,000 and over.
  • 21% for items that sell from $300 - $4,999
  • 30% for items that sell $299 and below; 

*Please note if the collection is dirty and must be cleaned, Jason will discuss our fees for that.

Receive Collection

If we mutually agree that Woody Auction is your best option, please be sure your items are clean and dust free.  Clean items have potential to sell for higher bids.  A cleaning fee may be charged to clean your items.

  • Mail-in a small collection of 20 or fewer items
  • We will schedule a pickup for a large number of items.
    • Some regions of the USA are only visited once per year
    • This service comes at no charge, although we wait until there are a few pick-ups in your area.
      • If Woody Auction has agreed to sell your collection, our staff will pack, load, and transport your collection back to our warehouse.


Your collection is safely stored in a Woody Auction facility.

  • Once your items are in our possession (whether they are picked up by us, shipped to us, or dropped off), all items are covered under our insurance until the new owner has received their package in the mail after the auction.

Auction Prep

  • The auction is scheduled and the items are unpacked, inspected, listed (described), and photographed.


  • Photos are edited, direct mail pieces are sent to our carefully curated mailing list, and ads are created and sent out.
  • The auction is listed on our website, on, and featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
    • In addition, other marketing avenues may also be used.

Seller Information

  • Approximately 3 weeks before the auction, a notification packet is emailed to you with a listing of your items in the auction.

Auction Day!

  • After you've spent a lifetime hunting and collecting the perfect treasures, it may seem like we have flown through your collection, as we move 80 to 100 lots an hour.
  • You may attend, but keep in mind for most sellers it may be a bittersweet experience.
  • Keep in mind that sellers and/or family members of the seller are not allowed to bid on behalf of the seller.

Post Auction

  • Final Settlement Packets are mailed out on the first (non-holiday) business day, 30 days after the auction.
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