How Time Flies!


How Time Flies!
by Jason Woody, 2-10-2021

Was it really forty years ago?  Forty? How does time fly like that? I have been personally involved with antique auctions of every type for forty years.  By the time I came along, Woody Auction had created a nationwide following and a spotless reputation of honesty.  I know, because I got to tag along from beginning to end when I was eight years old. 

Granted, just like any job, I started on the bottom rung and worked carrying pieces out to the buyers. I fondly remember the ones who gave me candy or a heartfelt smile when I would deliver their antique. 

During this period, all of our auctions were at rented facilities like a fairground, 4H hall or similar venue.  We trucked our display units, podium, and other supplies, plus all the antiques all over the state of Kansas and other states, too. There would typically be a church group of some sort who would be selling delicious homemade concessions to feed the hungry bidders at each of these auctions. 

What I distinctly remember are the homemade pies that would be available at these auctions.  One time in particular, I recall my mother telling the concession workers (with me by her side) to just make a tab and she would settle after the auction.  Unfortunately for my mother, she did not specify to me (or the concession workers) any particular limit of items I would be allowed to place on the “tab”. 

By the end of the auction, I had devoured over 9 pieces of homemade pie and was quickly taught the lesson that anything beyond normal consumption quantities would be taken directly from my paycheck.  I may have also gotten the nickname “turtle” around this same time, as I was probably in a corner eating pie when I should have been working. 

Probably my most enjoyable times during auctions happened when I would be the ring man catching the bids for my father.  Back in the days prior to computers, Internet, and COVID, the rooms would be packed with 200+ bodies, and the atmosphere was absolutely electric.  Calling out a bid just as the gavel was falling, and then “arguing” for my bidder's sake against my father - who had a different bidder he nearly sold it to - could make for some quality comic relief!

It seems strange to look back on forty years and remember many of the days just like they were yesterday.  There are many characters we have come across at auctions over the years, and I believe my next blog may touch on a few of the memorable personalities I have been blessed to have known these many years.



by Jason Woody, 1-7-21

That was my response to answer my secretary’s request to complete a weekly “blog” for Woody Auction.  I am not a gifted wordsmith, but I can see the benefit to having various aspects of auctions relayed - whether business or simple family experiences - so our auction friends can gain some insight into our lives. 

I suspect there will be some bland generic writings and possibly some humorous (at our expense) memories that could eventually be shared.  I have intentionally written this first entry short so as to not lose potential readers too quickly, so today I will blog about my current surroundings. 

I am riding in the passenger seat of our cargo van in Northern Kansas/ Southern Nebraska while my nineteen year old son is driving us to our next consignment for an auction, in order to pack, load, and transport everything for an event that will be conducted months from now.  Did I mention that my son is 19 and it is a little difficult to concentrate on writing this blog when I am typically the one behind the wheel? 

That being said, I could not wish to be anywhere else than with my family, our employees, or with the thousands of friends we have made during three generations of auctions.  Who knows, maybe this 19 year old son next to me (scaring me to death) will eventually think about making it four generations.  Either way, the next thirty years I suspect will be just as unique and memorable as the past thirty I have worked auctions. 

As a matter of fact, that will be next week's blog: “A few memories of auctions and growing up in the Woody Auction family.”

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